Monday, 26 January 2015

Winter Scavenger Hunt

I'm taking part in my friends Winter Scavenger Hunt, we are searching for a number of photos.

1, Frozen

 One of our rainwater buckets frozen over

2, A clock at 12, striking

 It took me ages to be by the church at 12!!! I kept missing it everytime I was in town, Finally I made it.

3, our garden in winter
4, a fir cone
5, a dog in a winter jacket, woofing
6, ladies dancing
7, a squirrel, hopping
8, a warm hat and a scarf or mittens, warming
9, your craft space, bulging
10, the Holly and the Ivy (one or both) 

 Ivy I found on a walk to town

11, a robin, a bobbin

Such a cute robin I saw today in the window display at the local funeral directors. On the look out for a real one when I have my camera handy.
12 anything icy, glistening 
13 sunset, glowing


 I drove up to Jack & Jill Windmill tonight as the sun was setting, hoping I wouldn't miss it. I just caught it and also found some lovely sheep having an evening graze 

14 a craft shop, tempting
15 a chimney, smoking
16 lambs, gambolling
17 frosty breath or rosy cheeks, or both, glowing
18 a warm hearth, crackling
19, winter berries
I love this berry bush in our garden.

20, footprints crunching
21 a winter pudding or drink
22 party balloons, floating
23 jim jams
24 a hand-addressed letter
25 a house number the same as your birthday

26 fallen leaves, rustling     
27 snowdrops or daffodils, peeping   
the first snowdrops I've seen, spotted by my friend who's very beedy eyed

28 a cobweb
29 a street busker, playing
30 swans a-swimming  


  1. A lovely start to the scavenger hunt Linds. Love those berries in your garden :)

  2. Great photos, Linds, lovely church clock and well done fir getting it spot on 12. Not easy as I have found out myself !!

  3. Some brilliant photos there, Linds. x


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