Monday, 30 June 2014

Rindas Summer Scavenger Photo Hunt

I'm still enjoying following along with Rindas Photography Scavenger Hunt, although since I've been looking for birds on a wire not a single bird has sat on a wire in my vicinity, they obviously know!!!!

Today I have succeeded in uploading 2 photos taken on Saturday while I walked my Mother in Laws (exceedingly fat, but that's another story, dog) I couldn't choose which one to use. I love the fact that within a stones throw of our house are fields and fields and fields. You can walk a long way right up over the downs if you so wish with only a little bit of road to negotiate.

The fat dog is never overly impressed when I turn up to walk her but I persevere in the hope that she gets keener!!! She's the only dog I've ever come across that doesn't like a walk. She liked the fields a little bit but still trotted behind me in a resigned fashion.

Any way on with the photos.

No 7 A Rural Landscape

I look forward to continuing my hunt and hopefully some birds will see fit to sit on a wire!!!


  1. Those are both beautiful. Whoa . . . for a moment I thought the "fat" was modifying the Mother in law! Glad to read on and realize it wasn't! LOL!
    Thanks for joining in the Hunt.

  2. nice place for a walk

  3. Beautiful rural landscape! Those birds are difficult to get on a wire...

  4. What a pretty landscape!

  5. Lovely and lush - I do like that darker cloud too, as it adds such depth to the photo. You walk in a lovely place.

  6. Lovely picture, Linds. The bird on the wire was one of the first ones I got!

  7. Brilliant photos, Linds.
    Sue x


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