Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sue's Sketch Challenge

This is my Lo for Sue's lovely challenge over on her blog, Me & Mine

Charlotte and George are at the same school again, only for 1 year but it's nice for George to see his sister about the place when he's just started. George is in the new uniform which Year 11's don't have to wear (conveniently) and so Charlotte has gone back in what was her regular uniform of polo shirt and jumper.


  1. Don't they look smart?! A super page, Linds, I love the circles and the cluster of school embellishments in the corner. Thank you for joining my sketch challenge.
    Sue x

  2. Lovely idea to use circles rather than hexagons. Great pic of your two, I miss taking these pics of 1st day back!

  3. They look a fab pair don't they, ours are going back in standard uniform rather than how relaxed it has been, Lauren is in year 11 too but she didn't get away with it, she has tailored trousers lol

    Love the circles on the layout, fab touch. xx

  4. aww they do both look smart, make the most of them being in the same school whilst you can.

  5. I really like how your circles pull the eye to that lovely photo - don't they look smart!


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