Sunday, 2 June 2013

A few Layouts!!

Here are the weekly challenge Lo's for the last 2 weeks, finally I got round to taking a photo of them.

Georges Year 6 photo, it's nice because you get an individual one and a class one (covered up) It's a nice reminder for him of his primary school years.  

 This weeks challenge is this swingball layout, it's very basic because I wanted to do it but was in a rush!!!

The kids have had a great time playing swingball together this week so it was a worthwhile buy. 

This last double Lo, is using some of the many photos I took at Charlottes first regatta last weekend in Bexhill. I've made a cut in the layout and a pocket on the back so that the programme could slip in so we have it to keep and it serves as the title!! It was such a brilliant day with her winning both her races a great achievement as this was her first regatta and her first ever races.


  1. They look great Linds, I especially love the multi-photo double. Great use of the programme :) xxx

  2. Love the double page - so many photos but it doesn't look cluttered. Swing ball is loved in our house still:)

  3. I really like how you've saved the programme and found a way to pop it in, and also taken a photo of the school from outside - I am sure he will be pleased to have this in years to come.


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